Garden Wind Chimes

Garden wind chimes are a great addition to any outdoor or garden area of your home. The chimes come in a variety of looks to complement patio and garden areas, and the light and ephemeral sound of the chimes is a wonderful auditory pleasure. Chimes are generally made from metal, glass, wood or bamboo and come in a variety of styles. Read on to find out more about garden wind chimes and their benefits.

Garden wind chimes have been around since prehistoric times, particularly in the cultures of Asia, including the Balinese, Tibetans and Japanese. Buddhists made great use of wind chimes, adorning temples and shrines with thousands of intricately decorated and beautiful sounding chimes. These cultures enjoyed them as objects of art as well as the healing quality of the tones. They believed that the tones calmed the mind and helped to reduce stress and awaken the spirit. It wasn’t until the 19th and 20th centuries that garden wind chimes began to gain popularity in Western countries.

Whether made from metal or wood, garden wind chimes are generally constructed with vertical bars hanging down in a circular arrangement from a top piece. Another piece suspended in the middle of the bars strikes the bars in a breeze. The sounds produced can vary widely, with metal chimes producing a bright sound and wooden chimes producing a deeper, softer sound. Further, the sound can vary depending on whether the bars are hallowed or solid.

Garden wind chimes can come in a variety of motifs to suite your garden and desires. Eastern motifs, star and moon motifs, wishing well motifs, simple chimes with no motif and many others can be found. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that the soothing sounds will be a delightful addition to your home.